July 2012 Update

This month, there seems to be a lot of things moving along and being completed on the list.

2. Get a pedicure- 5 times (7/27)- Maybe I should change this to 5/year, since I’ve gone 54 times already.

3. Get acupuncture– 7/30/12– Very interesting sensation, but I won’t be able to continue treatment due to my job requirements.

9. Go to a concert- 5/12/12-I completely forgot about listing this in my May Update. We went to the Fresh Beat Band Concert.

26. Go on a picnic- 7/11/12– The local pool had a “Staycation” event where it stayed open until 8pm. We ended up staing until 7:30. 

28. Go to a theme park- 7/22/12– We went to Pirate’s Cove (a local water park) with a couple that we have known for years. Very fun with the kids.

32. Visit 6 different museums- Samuel and I went to the Children’s Museum together and partook of their “Just Add Water” feature. We might go again this weekend.

33. Take Sam to the park at least twice a month during nice weather– This month, we went to the dog park a few times and went to a playground in Longmont. He had a blast!

36. Go out with friends 10 times (7/5/12, 7/27/12)– On the 7th, me and Sam went bowling at Boondocks with Dana and Zach. On the 27th, We went out to a Smithereens concert in Lousiville with a couple that we know.

46. Shop for fruits and veggies at our local farmer’s market once a month during the summers– I signed up with a CSA with Miller Farms. That means, for $300, I get to go to the farmers market (weekly) and pick out a bushel of whatever fruits and veggies that I want. (Yummy!!) We have completely expanded our variety of food that we are eating. And, surprisingly, I’ve gotten Samuel to eat and like zucchini and red peppers. I’m so psyched.

54. Have Brian build craft area for sewing and scrapbooking (7/26/12)– It wasn’t actually Brian that built it, but we now have a desk area made out of a laminate top and our old kitchen cabinets. I can’t wait to start crafting away.

I’m pretty proud of where I am in the list. See you next month.


June 2012 Update

Here were some big things that we did in June.

33.Take Sam to the park at least twice a month during nice weather

I took Sam to the playground one Sunday before his OT class, several times to the dog park and I’m definitely counting taking Sam to City Pool as going to the “park.”

36. Go Out With Friends 10 Times

We’ve known Dana, Tommy and Zach for years (since Data was pregnant), but now that we moved up north, we are making more of an effort to become better friends with them. On June 9th we had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and attended the Boulder Twenty Ninth Street Live Concert Series. The boys were running around, chasing each other, playing with a hula hoop and having a blast while the grown-ups were talking. It was a good time.

42. Get Down to 170 Pounds

43. Run a Marathon

Since these two go together, I’m going to talk about them together.

I haven’t weighed myself, but since I’ve start back running, my clothes fit better and I definitely feel better.

I signed up with a new running group, Runner’s Edge of the Rockies and it’s really nice to run with a group again (even though my pace has me running “alone.”)

46. Shop for fruits and veggies at our local farmer’s market once a month during the summers

I signed up as a CSA with a local grower and I’m able to go to any of their farmer’s markets and take a half-share (a bushel) of their produce (any combination of what’s available) once a week for 20 weeks. So far, I’ve been able to take home huge carrots, cucumbers, squash, zucchini, watermelon, cantaloupe, lettuce, red and green peppers and tons of tomatoes. The quality is amazing and a half-share is more than enough for our family of three.

71. Go camping 6 times

We took our first camping trip of the year the weekend of the 22nd. Brian took off Thursday to get everything ready for the RV and I took off Friday, so that we could leave on Thursday night.

One of my friends calls it “Glamping” since we aren’t roughing it at all.

No matter what you call it, we had fun and were able to escape the 100+ degree heat in Denver.

What a great month.

May 2012 Update

We have taken most of the month determining what we want to do with our kitchen, so there haven’t been many activites that have been worked on for my new list. Here is some of my progress.

2. Get a pedicure- 5 times (First 3/30, 5/26)

8. Get a new job- Applying for a lot of jobs

10. Try at least 10 new wines/year

        3. The Little Penguin Shiraz- too spicy, not a fan

37. Entertain friends at our house five times (5/5)

Chrissy, Tyson and Kylie came over to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with some margaritas and tequila lime chicken.

Today is the first day of June. Now that the weather is definitely nicer, we are going to be crossing off and working on a lot more outdoor activities on your list.

By the way, Sam started his new swim class and he is the only boy (and he loves it). It’s the first time that he doesn’t have one of us in the pool with him.


We also went to a baseball game in May and had a blast. Too bad the Rockies lost.Image

April 2012 Update

Since the move, we have actually been able to complete an item and started working on others.

55. Complete Command Center in Kitchen- Brian ordered system from Pottery Barn – 4/8

25. Update family blog once a month (completed continuously)

43. Run a full marathon

  • I decided to train for the Disney Marathon in Jan 2013
  • This will also allow us to visit my grandfather in Naples, FL.

58. Clean and organize pantry quarterly (April- completed during our move)

Keep checking in to see what we completed in May.

March Update

The following were completed during the month of March. I’m so excited.

38. Pay off more debt (Completely debt free 3/21)

39. Get a safe deposit box (Purchased 3/30)

40.Max out Roth IRA at least 1 year (Completed- 2011- 2/29; 2012- 3/21)

64. Visit my father outside of a holiday (March 15-20)

Here are some items that I have started to complete

2. Get a Pedicure- 5 times (First 3/30)

11. Try at least 10 new wines- 2 Down- HobNob Pinot Noir and Francis Ford Coppola Pinot noir

33. Take Sam to the park at least twice a month during nice weather- We have had an unseasonably nice weather in March, so we were able to go to the park 3 times.

We also have some more items that need to be removed from the list due to us purchasing a new home.

51. Have Brian build a patio- we will only need to have railings built by Brian or a professional

I hope that we have a very productive April

February Update

We put our house on the market, and within 36 hours, it was sold. Our house is now under contract and we only have 6 weeks to find, purchase and move into a new house on the other side of town.

In the meantime, I have been able to complete some items and deemed others as Not Applicable since we are moving. This doesn’t mean that they won’t be able to be done at our new house. It just means that they won’t be completed in our current residence.

Here are the updated items (In Process- BOLD, Completed- Strike, or now Not Applicable)

  • Get a massage- 5 times (First- 2/6)
  • Update family blog once a month – Check it out HERE
  • Complete at least 1 art project with Sam each month
  • Pay off more debt (sent check 2/24)
  • Install double sink in upstairs bathroom- N/A in current house
  • Paint family room- N/A in current house
  • Organize master bedroom closet (Completed during our purge to get house on the market)
  • Organize coat closet (Completed during our purge to get house on the market)
  • Organize garage and have Brian build shelves- N/A in current house

I might be able to add the N/A items back into the list after we move, but that depends on the look of the new house and what needs to be done.

Changes Needed


Now that we have decided to sell our house and move to the other side of town, there are some items that are no longer going to be applicable to this version of my 101 Things in 1,001 Days. They are items 50-56 and 58-61.

    • Have Brian build basement shelves
    • Have Brian build a patio
    • Install double sink in upstairs bathroom
    • Clean out basement- Purge items & Build shelves
    • Have Brian build craft area for sewing and scrapbooking
    • Complete Command Center in Kitchen
    • Paint family room
    • Clean and organize pantry quarterly
    • Organize master bedroom closet
    • Organize coat closet
    • Organize garage and have Brian build shelves

While we are claning out the house for showings, some of these things will occur (and I will document them), but they won’t be permanent changes. Also, in the new house, some of these thing may also occure, but I’ll let you know once we sell our current house and purchase a new one.

I was able to complete #57 (Organize DVDs and put away those that are too old for Sam), so that’s crossed of the list.